Cooking Class

Live Demonstrations

Making a Difference


Memorial Day Cookout

During Memorial Day Weekend, the EKC team cooked a healthy, plant-based dinner for the elderly and younger children. As this was during COVID, the team was careful to ensure that everyone was spaced 6 feet apart and the area was wiped down. We made plant-based Alfredo penne with almond milk instead of real dairy. We also used vegetables in the dish such as onions, mushrooms, and peas to enhance the natural flavor and showcase different ways to utilize our ingredients. We got great feedback and now the individuals have decided to make this pasta once a week because they realized that they could make delicious food with healthier ingredients.


Vegan Picnic

I organized a vegan picnic in my community with plant-based food options over the summer. It was so fun to cook and use plant-based chickpea pasta and showcase a vegan take on Alfredo sauce at my community center! Everyone loved it.


Plant-Based Global Presentation

In collaboration with the Mother Earth Project

On Friday, October 2nd, I delivered a presentation of veganism and the benefits of a plant-based diet to a global audience of more than 500 people. I did this in collaboration with the Mother Earth Project, a nonprofit dedicated to activating sustainability. This presentation was also shown to a school in India, and translated in Hindi for their students. It was also showcased at a music center in the DMV area.


Cooking Meals for the Rockville Homeless Shelter

I cooked a vegan pasta dinner for the local homeless shelter near my house amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. I had a lot of fun cooking with plant-based foods and serving those in need!