• Sangeet Anand

Exploring Plant-Based

What do you do for fun? What gives you satisfaction? How do you spend your free time? These are all particularly important and relevant questions, especially now, during COVID-19. We all have different forms of relaxation and for my family it would definitely have to be gardening. Recently we set up a garden in our backyard (more details about the garden coming soon in a separate blog post), and we planted a wide array of plants. Being a vegan and an avid researcher on our food systems, I have learned, over the years, the importance of locally sourced food. Trends such as “farm-to-table” are actually very prevalent today. But just like this there are many more unexplored facets to being plant-based. Finding out where our food comes from, making sure our farmers are paid adequately, and taking the time to research the various environmental impacts that our food has on the planet are all important parts of being plant-based. Today, I am going to try something different and leave you with a video. For those of you who are unaware, I also run my own nonprofit called Eat Kind Corporation (check us out at I am partnering with the Mother Earth Project, a nonprofit based around sustainability, to bring an awareness to this side of a plant-based diet. Here is my first video collaborating with them:

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