• Sangeet Anand

Sunday Thoughts with Sangeet

Recently I started creating videos (as you can tell with my last blog post). Some of the most powerful and enriching videos that you can make are videos about food-this is true. Food is not only a powerful and important part of our cultures, but also a huge part of our lives. Our food choices often dictate who we hang out with and the restaurants that we eat at. It’s not secret that food is often an underlying bond that we have with people. We need food to survive and, at some point or the other, food even becomes our source of connection to others. So what does food mean to you? Do you see food as more of a necessity or a work of art or neither? In regards to food, many people tend to appreciate foods that are closely related to their own cultures. What are some foods from your culture that you love and appreciate? What is your ideal comfort food when you come back home from a long trip? Leave your comments down below! Stay tuned for some new video content coming soon!

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