• Sangeet Anand

What does “plant-based” mean in your culture?

As I have begun to create more videos in conjunction with my blog and nonprofit, I have begun to find out different meanings of the term “plant-based” in each respective culture. For example, I went to an Afghan restaurant the other day in D.C., and I happened to meet someone who was a vegetarian. He was Latin American, and he told me that even though his culture consumed a lot of meat, he was still able to appreciate and value his plant-based staples. He said that a large part of being plant-based in Latin American culture was valuing the staple crops that his ancestors have eaten for centuries: corn, black beans, plantain, etc. So my question for all of you today is what “plant-based” means in your culture? What types of “plant-based” foods does your culture consume? Leave your comments down below, I want to hear your guys’ thoughts and opinions!

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